About Bluestone Care LLC

This is who we are and what we do…


Delivering Quality Care


Bluestone Care LLC goes to great lengths to ensure a good fit between every caregiver and your loved ones. We proudly serve in West Michigan and the surrounding counties including Allegan, Kent and Ottawa.

Skills and Experience

Our staff and caregivers are all highly skilled, accredited, and experienced. We only hire the best certified individuals. You can count on our staff to provide high-quality care continuously and with consistently as long as desired.

Carrying out Care

We will check to make sure that we have a caregiver that is not only available when you need them the most but that will also be able to reliably provide care on an ongoing and regular basis.

Overall Compatibility

After an initial in-depth home visit, we hope to achieve a good picture of personalities, common interests and other factors that we can use to get a sense of what Bluestone Care Caregiver team member may work out the best. We pride ourselves on good quality work and will work hard to ensure that these are excellent wonderful matches for everyone.

Our Team

As a Home Care agency, we strive to provide you with only the best for your loved ones and this is why we wholeheartedly invest in our home health professionals. The caregivers of Bluestone Care LLC go through regular training and seminars to continuously improve their skills and to assure you that we are more than capable to handle your loved ones with care, respect, and dignity.

21st Century