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Pyro-Energen is an electrostatic therapy device designed for electromedicine that is proven very effective in treating ailments such as viral diseases, cancer (stages 0-2), and diseases of unknown origins.

Similar technology is used by astronauts in space to prevent muscle atrophy.

Personal Care in West Michigan

A long list of ailments Pyro-Energen has proven to be effective on include but is not limited to the following…

  • Migraine
  • Insomnia
  • Asthma
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Autoimmune disease
  • All major types of cancer (carcinoma, sarcoma, melanoma, lymphoma, and leukemia) (stages 0-2)
  • Respiratory diseases caused by allergies
  • Arthritis

Pyro-Energen is proven ineffective or less effective against the following…

  • Bacteria
  • Fungi
  • Parasitic worms
  • Physical injuries and wounds
  • Occupational cancers (cancer caused by exposure to chemicals and minerals at work such as asbestos cancer)
Personal Care in West Michigan

Cancer Effectiveness:

Pyro-Energen has a good record of aiding cancer recovery from stages 0, 1, and 2. Effects are reduced at stage 3 and later. For these later stages pyro-energen may only help ease the pain and increase survival rates.

The Pyro-Energen was first developed by Japanese inventor Junji Takano in 1968. Since then, Pyro-Energen has had a long-recorded history of using electrostatic therapy to help with many ailments in a safe manner.

When healthy, Pyro-Energen can be used in a preventative means.

What is Pyro-Energen explained by the company…

Pyro-Energen Testimonials

Sinusitis; Arthritis
This is surely a life saving machine. My severe Sinus inflammation is gone. My arthritis pain became minimal. Varicose vein pain disappear and more. Amazing!

Rebecca David from Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Myasthenia Gravis (Autoimmune disorder)

My brother Fr. John Bosco was suffering from an unusual condition of Myasthenia Gravis. He was bedridden and was on ventilator for six months. Autoimmune system was not was not working. Lost all the hope of surviving. A physiotherapist recommended PyroEnergen. We tried for a month and my brother slowly recovered. He got discharged after eight months in ICU. He has fully recovered. Thanks to PyroEnergen.

Belavendiran Rayappan from Port Moresby


I purchased this system as a protection for my 78 year old husband who owns his own grocery store and in an atmoshere of lots of people. It kept him safe. We both are not vaccinated. My husband retired and infrequently used it.
I was diligent and used it often, especially during covid outbreaks.
My husband got covid…i never did and still no covid im 78 years old.

Nishanto Kane from USA (May 2022)

Breast Cancer; Sudden Finger Numbness

Someone came in with numbness on her finger on Thursday, she started treatment immediately, and when she came the following day, she could fold and unfold her palm.
Another update:
Am glad to tell you that the patient I wrote you about with breast cancer is responding very well. The thick hard breast is softened now. Although the lump is still there but not as big as when she came in. The lump on the armpit has also reduced drastically.
Am looking forward to when she will go for test and we be told that the cancer is completely gone. That will be awesome.

Report from a health practitioner

Jaw Viral Infection

We’ve seen this device do really great things, even for tougher stuff, serious jaw infections/advanced where the teeth fall out in a young girl… Fun to watch her hair stand on end, next time I saw her she looked like a different woman & is actually attractive now……..she tested for a virus in her sinus floor/brain that was getting the best of her – Amazing how fast this can work to clear “energies” out

Feedback from a client in Newport Beach, CA, USA

Sleep Problems

Just to let you know that I have been using the machine now for a few days and am very pleased.
I have not cured any viruses yet BUT I have found that I can now sleep well and much stress has gone. I work shift work, day and night and lack of sleep has caused me to rely on sleeping Pills. Now I sleep soundly without pills. FANTASTIC… this has improved my life 100%.
Thank you.

Feedback from Incheon, South Korea


I have experienced “silent migraines” for years – I didn’t know that was what it was until a friend of mine told me last year, I thought it was just flashing lights and dizziness. Anyway I haven’t had one for some time, not since having the pyroenergen machine. But yesterday I had one so I thought “get on the machine” and see what happens. Normally it takes at least 50 mins to an hour for the symptoms to subside but about 3 mins on the machine and everything seemed to be back to normal. Don’t know if that was coincidence or the pyroenergen but I am putting my money on the latter.

Feedback from a customer in UK (November, 2018)


Fyi, after using it for about 2 months, generally it makes me more alert and refreshed. And it help relieve my constipation. I am quite satisfied with the equipment so far.

A customer from Singapore

Breast Cancer

I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Two and a half months later, after changing my eating to organic/alkaline and using my Pyroenergen everyday, the cancer was completely gone.

Peggy Matthews from Florida

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